The Easiest Way to Actually Write a Blog Today

Hey there! I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy this holiday season. The New Year is just around the corner and I know some of you may already be thinking of what you’d like to get a head start on with your website and marketing for your business.

As you may already know creating content for your website can prove to be a real chore at times.Keeping up a blog can be a lot of work. The struggle is real. You have to put in a considerable amount of time for research and fact-checking and proofreading and searching for photos.

Then you have to come up with a ton of different ways to “repurpose” that post for webinars, quote images, keynotes and podcasts. Ugh!! This is all just for one post – so why bother? Exactly! Why bother when you can pay someone to do it?

‘What? I can pay someone to do it?’. Yep – you heard me right. The easiest way to actually write a blog or to do anything that you aren’t very good at yourself or don’t want to do (but need to do) is to pay somebody else to do it. Celebrities do it all the time, so why can’t you?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about plagiarism or anything phony like that. I always suggest to my clients, who want to start blogging, to choose just one format that works best for you and your personality.

If you choose a blog format that you’re uncomfortable with, there’s a really good chance you won’t stick with it and consistency is key here.

For example, I don’t like being in front of the camera, so despite all the hype going around about the effectiveness of video, I chose to stick to the written word. But here’s the thing – I dictate my posts into a voice mail app on my phone and pay someone to transcribe them for me and I do the final edit.

I would never shoot a video out of sheer stage fright and forget about the time it takes to convert them and upload them to the web.

What about a screencast? OK I can handle that – you don’t see me, but my face in front of a camera? You might as well be pointing a gun at me and that’s exactly what I would look like on camera. LOL!

Look, here’s what I’m trying to say. We all know that blogs for business are just that – for business. They aren’t “fun” for everyone, but whether they are videos or actual written posts, blogs are KEY in educating your customers to a sale and keeping you top of mind (especially the people on your list).

But nobody said YOU have to write the blog posts for your business. Here’s where a great service like Blog Mutt comes in.

Now ghost writing services are nothing new and can be expensive at times, but Blog Mutt tries to make the process as easy for you as possible. All you have to do is sign-up for an account, tell them a little bit about your business and choose a package for how many posts you want them to write for you a month.

You enter just a topic you’d like your blog post written about and Blog Mutt will turn around a complete, custom, original post back to you within 48 hours – now that’s fast. You can even choose how long you want it.

Now you may think this is going a little overboard, but let me tell you this is way better than you stopping and starting your weekly post schedule. Some things are just better left for someone else to do. Come on – do you really have the time to do it? Sure you could make time – but do you really want to?

If the answer is “No. I don’t really want to do it.” – that’s cool. No worries. But you still have to get it done so why not start your new year off right and give a service like Blog Mutt a try.

Well that’s it for me this week. But as always. . .I want to hear from you.

Question: When do you find time to create content for your website? Do you find it hard to delegate it to someone else or do you enjoy creating it yourself? Share your comments and questions below.

P.S. I’ll be on vacay for the last 2 weeks of the year, but thanks to the miracles of technology (and automated marketing) you’ll still be hearing from me.

So please have a safe and happy holiday season. Spend some time with those who are near and dear to you and I will see you next time. 🙂

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