You Have a Brand New Business

Websites for Small Business Owners | Sylvia Adams

“I know I need to do this, but I’m on a budget. I just want to get my feet wet right now.”

You currently have little or no web presence at all. You’re either a brand new business or you’ve been missing out on potential clients because you don’t have a way to show them your work without being there in person.

You’re short on time because you are putting all of your energy into getting your business up and running, but you need to look like the professional you already are and you know you’ve got to get your business online. You just want get your feet wet right now, but make sure you can update your site whenever you want.

What your business needs most…

If you are new to this whole “online-marketing-website thing”, your primary focus right now should be creating a foundation that you can build on. Once you start growing, you don’t want to have to scrap this website and start from scratch.

The best way to approach this is to make sure you have the essential tools that you need now to market & promote your business online. I call this “standard equipment”. It’s what every website and small business should have so you can start off on the right foot.

So What’s Next?

Well, I hope your brain isn’t spinning right now (LOL!), but if you did actually enjoyed this post and you want to dive a little deeper, I have a sweet offer for you.

I’ve created a “little black book” of what I think are the best tools & tips on the web. It’s called “Websites for Small Business: A Guide to the Best Tools & Tips on the Web” – original right?

These are tools that I have used with my own web design clients over and over. Each tool comes with a tip and it’s formatted as a really quick “cheatsheet” (a PDF to be more precise). I’m not an affiliate with any of them, so I’m not getting any money for recommending them to you.

You can use these tools together as a group or “cherry pick” which ones are best suited to your needs.

In my opinion they’re all good and they’ll make your experience with working online even better. I’ve divided these tools into categories based on the strategy above & how the tools in each of these groups work together.

Websites for Small Business Owners | Sylvia Adams

All you have to do is just click here to enter your name and email and you will be sent a link where you can download the guide.


Hear what her clients have to say…

“Sylvia has the rare ability to translate your business vision into exactly the beautiful, living color reality you always dreamed of. For the first time in years, I became very energized about Erica’s Rugelach & Baking, Co and the wide world of possibility. The WOW factor I experienced once the site went live was HUGE. She truly takes the time to listen to your story to get at the essence of what makes your biz tick.

My old, dingy site got the ultimate make over. Now I am ready to get on the runway & strut my stuff! I am already getting rave reviews and sales. Thank you Sylvia!”

– Erica Kalick, Owner of Erica’s Rugelach & Baking, Co.


“My new website looks “Fabulous” and I was quite excited by it’s debut. Sylvia’s professionalism & creativity was so welcomed. She completely listened to and carried out how the luxuriousness of “Regal Threads” should be portrayed.”

– Mary Theresa Sciandra, Owner – Regal Threads


“Our old website before really didn’t really help us or our customers, it was just there. Sylvia was able to zero in on just what we needed for our site without all the extra bells and whistles.

Now we are able to give our customers better quotes, with the form she created for us and save time because we can direct them to the site if they have any questions.”

– Mike Tweedy, Owner – Magellan Fine Art Services