Getting Your Complex Ideas Across to Your Team Just Got Easier

Hey there! I hope you’re having a good week. It’s a pretty quiet day here in my neck of the woods, which makes it a really good day for me to stay in and get some work done. I’m sure you’ve probably got a to-do list a mile long too, so I won’t take up too much of your time with this week’s post.

If you’ve managed to create a decent stream of content for your social media feeds and you’re looking for a new way to deliver new content to your followers, customers and subscribers, you may want to consider beefing-up your content game. But here’s the problem, you don’t have the time to do it. So you’ve decided now’s the time to look for some outside help.

Let’s say you’ve managed to find someone and they’re doing great work. They’re keeping you up-to-date on their progress, but there’s just one issue – you’re having a hard time getting your feedback and ideas across for the work they’re sending you. You really need something that will allow you to show your designer or team what you’re talking about and you can’t take all day to do it.

OK Don’t Worry I’ve Got You!

Copying and pasting bulky screen images into word docs or emails is just too confusing and time consuming. It’s never really worked, but you don’t have the time to trowel through another 100 ad-hock YouTube video tutorials to figure out how to do it. OK don’t worry I’ve got you!

Today I’m going to share with you a really cool and affordable app that can help you get the job done. And as a little added bonus, if you can manage to stick around until then end of this post, I will also show you a few FREE tools that are already on your Mac or PC that can do the same thing with just a bit more effort.

You see, I know as a small business owner myself, we’re all about options and no two businesses (or budgets) are alike and that’s why, when I can, I like to give my readers the best options available to you out there. So let’s get crackin’!

Now I’d like to share an app that’s been around for a while and they’ve just recently given it an upgrade. I found this app while participating in a group coaching program myself and some of you may already know about it – it’s called SnagIt from TechSmith.

SnagIt’s claim to fame is their screen capture and recording capabilities but they’ve recently added all sorts of new features. They’ve made it even easier for you to present what would normally be a complex process to explain by breaking it down into easy-to-follow instructions using great visual content or cues.

It’s great for small business owners because now when you get that slide deck or PDF from your designer you can easily make visual notations and add comments, using graphics or even record your questions and comments in a quick video. It’s pretty slick. You can learn more about all of it’s new features in this quick video.

If you’re not sure if SnagIt is for you, no problem. They offer a free 15 day trial or you can by a one time individual license for $49.95 with an option to receive all their updates and access to their stock photo and ready-made visual assets library for an additional $12.95/year.

That’s not bad, considering most apps now only offer you savings if you “buy annually” instead of monthly and you almost never hear of a maintenance fee that low.

Here’s the Inside Scoop – You Probably Already Have Something Like This

If you’ve already invested in some other SaAS apps you may want to read the fine print, to make sure you aren’t paying for features you may already have. That’s the perfect segue for a few little “dirty” secrets I’d like to give you the inside scoop on.

Many of the features that you can find in applications like SnagIt and several other resources that I have mentioned in this blog are often “adopted” by larger companies over time. So you can take your own screenshots in both Macs and PCs if you know how.

Taking Screenshots with Shortcuts and the Snipping Tool

Taking a screenshot has always been easy on a Mac. If you have a laptop it’s a matter of knowing the right keyboard shortcut and just choosing whether you want to take an entire screenshot (using “Shift” + “Command” + “3”) or if you want to drag and crop a certain part of your screen (using “Shift” + “Command” + “4”). If I’m losing you here just check out this video from Apple Support’s YouTube Channel.

Now recording your screen is a little more complex and time consuming (especially when dealing with file size) but you can record your screen on a Mac using good old QuickTime Player. I’ve used it in the past to record training videos for my former web design clients and it works out great and it’s free. But again, if you’re short on time SnagIt may be a better option for you.

As for Microsoft you too can take screenshots using their Snipping Tool. Adam Morgan has a great tutorial on his YouTube channel as well. You can also capture images right in the very Microsoft app you’re using. It’s available in Word, PowerPoint and Excel – as long as you have MS 2010 or higher.

Recording a Presentation or Your Screen

As for recording video on a PC you have two options, if you are using slides you can record your slides in PowerPoint with it built-in screen recording feature. You can see a quick tutorial here.

You also can record using the XBox Game Bar app. This is only available in Windows 10 or higher, but it is free but it does have some restrictions, like trying to record multiple windows. You can watch the tutorial here and decide for yourself.

If neither of these is going to work for you, then you most likely will need to download a free open source software known as OBS. This is bit more complicated but it has been around for years and will definitely do the trick. You can watch a tutorial here.

If you’re crunched for time, I would suggest try using the built-in screen recorder in PowerPoint or the XBox Game Bar first. Still can’t decide? You may want to take a look as these video tutorials from Kevin Stratvert’s YouTube channel. Kevin is a full-time employee for Microsoft and produces great tutorials on the ins and outs of using just about anything from Microsoft.

Well that’s it for me this week, but before you go I’d love to hear from you.

Question: Are you ready to hire someone to help you step-up your digital marketing game? If not, why? What’s holding you back? Share your comments and questions below.

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