How to “Go Deep & Expand” in Order to Build a Following

Hey there! I hope your week is off to a good start.
I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week.

We all know that to gain any traction online, you need to build a following. However, we also know that building a following takes time and believe it or not, there are a wide variety of tactics & strategies out there to do just that.

Dorie Clark documented some of these strategies in her new book and talked to MSNBC & AMEX’s Open Forum about a little bit of everything from how you can build your niche to finding your “unique value proposition”.

You can learn more about Clark’s studies in her book, “How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It” or you check out her interview with MSNBC here:

Question: What new tactics or strategies have you tried to implement to increase your following? How did they work out for you and did you go “low-tech” or “high-tech” when you executed them? Share your comments below.

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