Are You Building Loyalty in Your Local Community?

The connection between small businesses and their local community is more important than ever. But it can be tough to come up with new and affordable ways to stay on your community’s radar – let alone build loyalty and repeat business.

Catriona Harris, Co-Founder and Partner at Uproar PR has stepped in an written a great article on Fast Casual’s blog on how to do just that.

She advises businesses to not only give out the occasional free meal to a local official but to make sure that you offer menus that are tailored to local tastes and habits. Like a kid’s menu or outfit a chain with sports memorabilia from a nearby college or high school.

Harris suggests reaching out to local small businesses and charities as well to “co-host” events to show good will and also potentially reach into untapped markets that you may have not thought about before.

Even if your not in the restaurant or fast casual business, this is still a good read for those of you looking to boost your business offline and within your community.

You can read the full post here: “Branding local? Try These 3 Strategies”

Question: What groups do you partner with to build relationships with your local community? Share your stories and comments below.

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