FAQs: What are the Benefits of a Custom Website?

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With so much to choose from these days, it can be really difficult to figure out if you really need a custom website for your business. I often recommend if you’re just starting out to save your money and use a site builder like SquareSpace or Weebly. This is a fast and affordable way to help you get the word out quickly.

Focus on building your business first and once you start making some money – circle back to someone like me and take the time to upgrade to a custom website. By that time you’ll have a better understanding of who your customers are and what your business really needs.

Now custom websites don’t come cheap and it leaves small business owners wondering. . .

What’s the real benefit of having a custom website?

Here are 3 things I think you should keep in mind:

#1 You’ll Get the Exact Tools & Features You Need

As your business grows you’ll begin to weed out what features your site will need and what they won’t, and you’ll find most templates don’t offer enough advanced features.

This for me is the biggest benefit of having a custom designed site. You don’t have to find ways to “work-around” your old website anymore. You can pick the exact features you want and where you want them and if you’re willing to spend a little more – you can customize those features down to the letter.

So if you want to use a particular reservation booking engine – like Open Table or Resy or Yelp Reservations, you can. You aren’t “stuck” with whatever comes with your theme or template.

#2 You Can Update It Whenever You Want

If you want to change the colors or your logo or add pages or images, your designer or developer should provide you with extensive training on how to upgrade your site on your own. They also should provide you with a service agreement that will allow you to pass those tasks on to someone else if need be.

#3 Your Site Will Grow with Your Business

A good website should have a shelf-life of 3 to 5 years. This is mainly due to the rapid pace of the changes that occur in the technology and these changes are good for the most part. The main point here is that I would like for you to keep in mind that there is no reason to even think about building a custom site if it doesn’t grow with your business.

Now you will have to make some changes, from time to time, but you should not have to scrap it and start from scratch the first time you need to make a minor update. You should be able to build upon what you already have.

That is why you’re paying more money in the first place. You aren’t just paying for the designer’s time, you’re paying for their ability to build a website that will grow with your business.

Should you choose to go the custom route, a good web designer, from inception to completion, will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the best solutions for you and your business. You’ll no longer have to try to figure out all of this “stuff” all on your own and believe me in the long run, it is well worth the investment in time and money.

If you think you may be ready to take your website to the next level, be sure to check out my free Home Page Checklist. This is a quick little “cheat sheet” where I’ll show you how you can captivate your audience and boost sales by making just a few simple “tweaks” to your website.

Well that’s it for me this week. But I’d love to hear from you.

Question: What frustrates you the most about your website? Share your comments and questions below.

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