How to Finally Get a Handle on Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you may have noticed that I’m constantly talking about staying current and connected to not only your customers but also with what’s going on in your business or industry.

Now I’ll admit that’s a tall order – because let’s face it, there is a ton of stuff to sift through out there. Every industry has been affected by “information overload” but we just can’t afford to ignore the effect that technology will have on our businesses anymore.

More and more of this “new stuff” is happening online and one of the hottest topics right now for small businesses are Facebook ads.

Facebook’s ads service is a great opportunity for any business, but it can drive many a small business owner absolutely crazy. They’re constantly making changes and that can make it really difficult for us to get a handle on the effectiveness of our campaigns.

Facebook ads is an improvement, in my opinion over Google AdSense, but it still has a pretty decent learning curve. You definitely need someone to guide you through it and I’ve found a great resource you may want to give a try.

It’s the “Perpetual Traffic” podcast by Digital Marketer. Now to be transparent, Digital Marketer is the brain-child of Dominate Web Media out of Austin, TX. This media company works mainly with large to mid-size businesses to help them devise large-scale media buying strategies using Facebook.

In the summer of 2015 DMW’s founder, Keith Krance along with a few of his partners, teamed up and created the “Perpetual Traffic” podcast to help support small business owners who couldn’t really afford their services.

The podcast is apart of their Digital Marketer platform that offers training for marketers and small businesses to become certified in Facebook advertising – but the podcast itself, is worth it’s weight in gold.

Keith Krance, Molly Pittman and Ralph Burns “dive deep” into the land of Facebook, but they also give a ton of free “actionable” advice that any small business can apply to their Facebook ad strategy. You’re getting top-notch “agency” level insights for free.

I don’t really like to blog about resources like this until they get a little “history” behind them first and I personally have had a chance to check it out myself first-hand. I’ve personally taken a few of their courses and have learned so much in a short period of time and they’re very affordable.**

I’m a big believer in educating oneself first before jumping on the bandwagon and devoting a lot of time and money into the “hot trend” of the moment. The cool thing about the web is that if a product or service is any good a whole crop of resources will “pop-up” around it and there are only a handful that I would recommend for Facebook ads and this is one of them.

“Perpetual Traffic” has a ton of case studies so you’re bound to find one that you can relate to. I was stumped to choose only one episode to recommend, so I decided to recommend the first one I heard.

It’s actually a pretty good one if you can’t seem to get any real traction or ROI out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Its episode 57, “How to Launch a Product with Facebook Ads (Case Study)”.

Spoiler alert! They dive deep into these podcasts, so this isn’t something I would try to listen to in the car on the way home. They provide lots of useful info so if you do decide to check them out find a spot to get comfortable and be prepared to take quite a few notes. So now it’s your turn. I’d like to hear from you!

Question: What’s the biggest problem you have with Facebook? How it works? ROI? The constant changes or none of the above? Share your questions and comments below.

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** I am not an affiliate in any way shape or form for Digital Marketer or Dominate Web Media, these thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

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