Can Your Email Marketing Still Keep Your Customers Attention?

Can Your Email Marketing Still Keep Your Customers Attention?

I often suggest to my small business owners, to start an email marketing campaign, because it’s a great way to “push” their existing clients to their new website or their online promotion. Typically SMBs (small business owners) have large contact lists lying dormant in their computer, instead of nurturing those contacts through a strategic email campaign.

Christian Arno’s, post for Click Z, on the whether or not email marketing is still relevant provides a great snapshot of the data and the ROI that support why email is so important for your business and in your online marketing strategy.

Click Z is one of the oldest and one of my all time favorite websites for getting the low-down on what is really working or not working on the web. If you really want to understand the business of marketing online, you should bookmark this post and this site.

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This post was updated on July 2, 2020.

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