6 Tried & True Tips to Help You Build Better Website Traffic

Website Traffic - Websites for Small Business Owners - Sylvia Adams

Did you know that nearly 2.5 billion people surf the web on a regular basis? That’s nearly one-third the population of the entire planet. So you’re probably asking yourself – so how come my site traffic stinks? Right?

Well help is may be just a click away. Entrepreneur Press and Rich Mintzer have teamed up to write Start Your Own E-Business a guide on how to build a dot com business that will succeed.

They have generously provided excerpts from the book on their website as part of their “Second-Quarther Startup Kit.” This excerpt focuses on 6 lesser-known tactics that can help you build more traffic for your website. You can read the full post on their site. Enjoy!

This post was updated July 25, 2020.

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