What to Do If Your Small Business Isn’t Getting Good Online Reviews

Websites for Small Business Owners | Sylvia Adams

Now we all know that a bad review can wreak havoc on your reputation. Just ask our friend and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio. No matter what the poor man and the Department of Sanitation say or do (even if they tell restaurant workers to go home) – somebody is going to complain about snowplows not moving fast enough during a blizzard!

Anyway – I hope you are enjoying the weather wherever you are and have a few minutes to take a look at this week’s post.

It’s from Constance Gustkedec at the NY Times on what else? How to handle bad reviews and who better but restaurant owners would know how to do that.

– Did you know that most consumers rarely read reviews older than three months and yet some businesses never delete a review? Good, bad or otherwise.

– Did you know that Google Alerts does NOT always pick-up on every mention of you or your business on a review site?

– Did you know that, according to a Nielsen survey, 44% of consumers use Yelp to search for local businesses?

Gustkedec’s post goes beyond the usual mention about Yelp {although it’s still in here}. She also introduces some new applications and services that help us better manage those “not-so-stellar” and if we’re not careful deadly reviews online. You can read the full post here: “A Bad Review Is Forever: How to Counter Online Complaints”.

My two cents?

There are some great takeaways here and 2 good profiles from actual business owners. But I’m going to keep it short this week and let you be the judge. I’ve got to schlep in 20 plus inches of snow around town today.

Have a great week and stay warm 🙂

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