Galvanize Your Hotel’s Website to Scale Content & Drive Sales

With so many customers seeking more intimate experiences when they travel. The role of social media & marketing has evolved for the travel & hospitality space. It’s no longer just a fast and cheap way to blast the latest fares and promotions.

Customers are much more selective about where they spend their free time and their dollars and hotels are upping the ante and Junvi Ola covers some of latest trends in marketing for hotels in 2016 in this week’s featured post on CVent’s Hospitality Marketing blog.

While the larger properties like the Marriott have invested heavily in their online presence with their own media studio Ola suggests that the little guys should look to the bigger fish for ideas to adopt in their marketing strategies.

Video marketing and influencers marketing via bloggers, bloggers, podcasters and Instagrammers is still strong and helps galvanize your web presence using the 3C strategy – content,community and commerce.

Advertising in social media platforms, in wearable tech like the Apple watch and new platforms like Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat are offering new opportunities to gain market share with families and millennials.

Whatever you choose to use in 2016 keep in mind the 3Cs of content, community and commerce. Scale your content to foster your community and drive sales.

You can view the entire post here.

Question: What new social media channels and marketing strategy are you focusing on for 2016? Share your comments, questions and stories below.

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