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Tired of working with the wrong client simply because you need the money? Negotiating on price because a prospect saw something for cheaper or free? Then you should definitely read Brad Farris’ post on “5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Strong Sales Pipeline” at EnMast. Farris runs a business consulting firm in Chicago but publishes this blog for small business owners.

He reminds us why it is so important to keep a health sales pipeline in order to maintain your sanity and a healthy business.

Now if you are like me you cringe at the word “sales” and immediately think of someone greasy, pushy and “commission hungry”. If that’s the case – bookmark this post and refer back to it when you can’t figure out why your sales are down when you’ve been doing what you’ve always been doing.

Come back to this post when the next law is passed mandating that you pay this new, expensive and often ridiculous fee or tax that you have no way of knowing how you are going to pay for.

When I worked for other businesses, both large & small, I always worked on the design & production side of the business. I typically worked for a company that was either well-established and had a long history or for the person in “charge” of sales and business development, but I never had to develop business for myself until I went out on my own.

It was a lesson learned the hard way. Like many start-ups I thought “word of mouth” was enough. That’s what everyone told me – so I never bothered to generate a sales plan. That’s the farthest thing away from the truth. While it can be a real pain, we have to constantly work at keeping our sales pipeline full.

I now know why my former boss was on the phone all day. I thought he was just “kissing up to his clients” (a little too much even). But he was “selling”. Keeping the his pipeline full & keeping himself in business.

It’s a quick read so be sure to check out “5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Strong Sales Pipeline”.

Question: How do you fill your sales pipeline? Word-of-mouth? Networking groups? Do you even have a sales pipeline for your business? Share your questions and comments below.

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