Premium Package

“I’ve got a great business and work with a top-notch team but we can’t seem to get any real traction online.”

You run a very successful business and have so for years. You’ve seen marketing and sales trends come and go, but your instincts are telling you that the internet is here to stay. You have a top-notch team and you’ve had a website for years.

Your email list has grown and evolved over time and you’ve got great engagement with your customers thru various social media channels. There’s just one small problem – you can’t seem to get any real leverage out of it and you don’t know why.

What your business needs most…

You understand the power of the web – you’ve seen it in action, but this just isn’t your thing. It’s not what you and your team do best. To be honest if you could hand this all over to somebody else you would. You’ve even reached out to a few agencies but they’re not interested.

You’ve got a plan, but you need help. Someone who will “focus” on this aspect of the business to ensure that you and your team will have the right tools and training you need in order to seamlessly transition and fully integrate your existing “offline” marketing efforts with your online web presence. The Premium package will most likely be the best match for you. This package includes:

• A custom WordPress site {up to 10 pages}

• A custom WordPress microsite {up to 5 pages} with full integration
Ideal for launching products or campaigns.

• 2 custom Social Media Pages {of your choice} with full set-up & integration **

• 2 custom Email Templates

• A custom Brand Identity System {applied to 3 pieces of collateral}

• A Brand Book {aka a “Style Guide”} for your new Brand Identity complete with production-ready files

• A Web Admin Video Guide tailored to your website & social media accounts

• Project Management during the entire project

• 30-Day Customer Satisfaction & Quality Assurance Policy

Cost: $USD 5,500.00

**Facebook Apps require extra coding but the custom images for your Facebook tabs are included in this service. Custom Tumblr pages and Facebook Apps are not included in this service. You can however add them as an Additional Service. Learn more here.

If you would like to move forward, you can contact me via email to learn more and schedule a call to discuss your needs further. I require a 25% deposit and monthly payment plans are available.