Seth Godin Wants You to Stop Acting Like a Shopkeeper!

OK some of you may be wondering who is Seth Godin. Well he’s a little nerdy, but he also just happens to be one of the best marketers out there. He holds no punches and gives it to you straight no chaser. Today’s post isn’t focusing so much on one post but several posts that will provide you with a tons of insight on marketing.

Here are a few sound bytes from Seth. Oh and by the way, have a Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving – enjoy!

“Stop being a shopkeeper! We have plenty of shops. We need artists.”

Seth Godin on Effective (and Ineffective) Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses
by Bruna Martinuzzi for AMEX Open

“Write like you talk instead.”

The Simple Way to Get Better at Business Writing
by Seth Godin (on his own blog)

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