A Fresh Crop of Resources That You Can Tap Into to Get the Small Jobs Done

Websites for Small Business Owners | Sylvia Adams

If you’re on a budget but you really need to get some smaller tasks done, I think I might have something for you. There are tons of gig sites out there, but sometimes they can give you shall we say “lackluster” results or they may only have a handful of pros offering the service you are looking for.

My two cents? I would encourage you to think outside the box. Try looking for new resources for getting small jobs done in your business and finding new customers for your business.

Thousands of professionals are growing their businesses with Thumbtack “Business Services”. Yeah, Thumbtack has moved way beyond the occasional handyman or dog walker. They’re now offering all types of business services, from law and copywriting to photography and yes – even web design.

I love sites like this because you have a fresh crop of resources that you can tap into. Now you still have to do your homework, check out their reviews and ask for references and links to their work, but Thumbtack focuses on putting you in contact with people in near you.

This helps reduce the anxiety of working with someone remotely or in another country for that matter and let’s face it there are just some parts of your business where that won’t work – you need someone to physically be there.

You need to have real, meaningful, productive conversations where issuing a “cut ticket” or working via Skype just won’t cut it.

So if you’re looking for some fresh resources for your business needs give business professionals on Thumbtack a try.

Question: How are you currently getting those “smaller tasks” done? An intern? A temp? Your neighbor’s kid? Share your comments below.

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