How You Can Sell More During the Holidays

Do you offer bonuses to your seasonal holiday employees? How about a commission?

Do you know the one thing you should never ask a customer at the counter? If not – you may be missing out on some great opportunities to close on the all important “upsell” for the holiday season.

In this week’s Featured Post, Melissa Kellogg brings us some great tips from specialty retailers on how to do everything from giving sales staff tiered commissions to making sure that your POS systems and websites are up-to-date and programmed to make “suggestive sales” even when you aren’t there to make the suggestion yourself.

Having your bestseller’s right next to the cash register and training staff about products and services to upsell by using open-ended questions are all discussed in this quick – 5 minute read.

Check out this week’s featured post, “How to Upsell During the Holidays” from the Specialty Retail blog. Enjoy!

Question: What special products or services to you have to offer for your customers during the holidays? Share your suggestions and comments below.

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