Ditch the Workspace Cubicle for Greener Pastures by Working from Home!

OK this is a post that is long overdue. If you’re finding yourself going a little “stir crazy” while working from home, then this week’s post from Kate Hamill for the Freelancer’s Union blog is right on time. Hamill gives 5 tips on how to handle working from home without losing your sanity.

If there is one thing that has changed post the Great Recession is the number of people working from home. We no longer think of those “writers” in Starbucks as slackers dodging the 9 to 5 rat race, because a lot of us are sitting right next to them.

Just look at the phrases that have entered our lexicon. “Solopreneur”, “lifestyle design”, “posh packer” and “flex schedule”. Tim Ferris chronicled his frustrations in his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” and millions have joined him in their quest to ditch the cubicle for greener pastures.

This is due in part because of the massive layoffs during the Recession and the giant leaps we’ve seen in technology and an abundance of cheap commercial office space, in the last five years. Just think about it. When was the last time you saw the word “buffering”? Yeah it’s been that long.

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I personally have not fallen down the rabbit hole and started watching tv, while holding my cellphone in one hand and scrolling whatever I have uploaded on my tablet in the other.

In fact – as a web designer and front-end developer I have a “no tech” policy in place between the hours of 5:00 and 7:30 that’s reserved for self-care and a nice dinner conversation with my husband.

But I have to admit – I love working from home. I don’t miss the crazy New York City morning commute at all. Nor do I miss the “office politics” – I’m a textbook introvert/wallflower.

I love the fact that I can brew my coffee exactly the way that I want and I don’t have to ask a complete stranger to watch my laptop or save my seat while I run to the bathroom.

While I love renting out office suites and conference rooms for meetings & workshops, sometimes I’m not always “in the mood” for my fellow co-work spacers dog, beer pong tournaments, BFFs and any other “weird habits” they don’t realize they have because they have been working and living by themselves too long.

These are the days that I live for my “noise canceling” headphones and a desk at home. But there are times when I need to get some air and actually talk to people. Yeah – real people with two arms and legs! Not just a talking head on a phone.

So the next time you’re in line waiting at the bank or the coffee shop for your double-espresso latte (with extra foam), take a moment to check out “5 Things You Need to Work From Home (Without Going Bananas)“. Hamill has a great sense of humor and gives plenty of solid advice.

Question: What rituals or “ninja secrets” do you have in place to help you cope with working from home? Share your comments below.

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